A downloadable game for Windows

 Fight monsters in fast, stylish turn based action while exploring a vast open space in this vile and shameless mashup of some games from 2017 I'm pretty sure that no one has ever heard of.

Submission for Glinny's Cauldron Jam. Uses the following from the list of potential ingredients (Glinny's recipe):

- You have a 1% chance to not be able to double jump.
- Spells that inflict status effects virtually never work on bosses.
- Instant death from touching the SIDE of a spike. 
- Every loading screen is a bright blank white screen.
(Note: For one cutscene the game fades to and from black, this is only a mask and the game is not loading)
- The final boss of the game is a character first introduced directly prior to the final boss fight.
- No buildings can be entered. Anytime you attempt to enter one your character says "It's not the right time for that"
- Every town has a mandatory Bad Anime Hot Spring scene.
- SLOGAN: Get ready to explode your balls into a firestorm of dust and skeletons.

-Experience does nothing.
-The ending (spoilers).

- Full Controller and KB support (prompts should auto change)
- Menu and UI navigation is done with WASD/Arrows or Left Stick/D-Pad (Mouse is only for in-game camera control),
- Backspace for cancel, Enter for confirm, Esc/P for pause. Controller is standard Circle/B cancel, X/A confirm, Options/Menu pause.
- If there is a bug or the game gets stuck during a battle, try using the 'Flee' command to force the game back into the overworld (Flee should only be unavailable if 'Auto Battle' is active).
- Resolution defaults to 1080p when in fullscreen mode and 720p when in windowed (adjust 'Resolution Scale' if you want to increase or decrease it in either mode).

- If you don't have the pre-requisite UE4 files your system and it doesn't prompt you when launching the game, the installer can be found in Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us
- 64-bit Windows only. If anyone needs 32-bit, please let me know and I'll try to make that happen.
- There are probably a lot of bugs, and I'm very sorry about that, but please feel free to leave a comment if you encounter any. I might be able to update it at some point. 

Specs for the PC this was created with:
- GTX 750 Ti
- i5 4590
- 16 GB DDR3
- Samsung 850 EVO (SSD)
- Windows 10

With my relatively outdated setup, I'm generally able to stay between 30 and 40 frames on the default settings (there is one part in particular where it sometimes dips to the high 20s). That being said, there are several settings in the options menu that can be lowered or raised to fit your specific needs. 

Created by Trevor Betts
(Twitter: @TrevorJBetts)

The game's logic was written by myself via Unreal Engine 4's visual scripting language. I also created most of the sprite/UI assets (and the item chest), while most of the audio and 3D assets (including textures) were obtained for free through Epic (via permanent and monthly free collections) and YouTube's free audio library. Full list below.

Unreal Marketplace:
Advanced Cel Shader Lighting - Skull - (Post Process)
Advanced Village Pack - Advanced Asset Packs - (Meshes/Textures/Materials)
Ancient Tresures - Dekogon Studios - (Meshes/Textures/Materials)
Brushify - JoeGarth - (Textures/Materials)
Cartoon Cel Shading Post Process - Ursu - (Post Process)
Fantasy Interface Sounds - Cafofo Music - (Sound Effects)
Fantasy Medieval Master - J.BoB Sound Studio - (Sound Effects)
FX Variety Pack - Kakky - (Particle Effects)
Infinity Blade: Grass Lands - Epic Games - (Meshes/Textures/Materials)
Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol.1 - Luos - (Particle Effects)
Multistory Dungeons - Mana Station - (Meshes/Textures/Materials)
Paragon: Boris - Epic Games - (Mesh/Textures/Materials/Animations)
Paragon: Greystone - Epic Games - (Mesh/Textures/Materials/Animations)
Paragon: Revenant - Epic Games - (Mesh/Textures/Materials/Animations)
Particles and Wind Control System - Dragon Motion - (Particles Effects)
Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1 - PurePolygons - (Textures/Materials)
Quadruped Fantasy Creatures - PROTOFACTOR INC - (Mesh/Textures/Materials/Animations)
Retro 8Bit Sounds - Gamemaster Audio - (Sound Effects)

YouTube Audio Library:
75 Lower - DJ Williams
Easy Breezy - Silent Partner
English Country Garden - Aaron Kenny
Ersatz Bossa (Sting) - John Deley and the 41 Players
False Startz - Noir Et Blanc Vie
Fortunate Note - Silent Partner
Minyo San Kyoku Doug Maxwell/Zac Zinger
Pushing the Stone - Silent Partner
Robot City - Quincas Moreira
Sour Tennessee Red (Sting) - John Deley and the 41 Players
Synergy - Geographer
Swagger - Quincas Moreira

Install instructions

If you don't have the pre-requisite UE4 files your system and it doesn't prompt you when launching the game, the installer can be found in Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us

64-bit Windows only. If anyone needs 32-bit, please let me know and I'll try to make that happen.


Paragon-2-win64.zip 614 MB
Version 1 Jul 08, 2019


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This is great. Will there be an editable version put on the ue4 marketplace? I'd love to make my own P5 style RPG and this looks like the perfect place to start.


I've definitely thought about it, but unfortunately I can't promise that I will.  I just don't have a lot of time, and when I do I tend to find myself starting new projects. But I'll let you know if I do, thanks for the interest.

Thanks for your consideration. I've been studying game design myself for 2-ish years now, and tbh, I'd be happy to get the unreal project for this in non-compressed form via mediafire/google drive so I could start development from there.  It's entirely your call though, I just found this combat system to be highly superior to the free one on the Ue4 marketplace.

Unfortunately this ran terribly for me. Wished I coulda played more.

Sorry to hear that. Did you try turning down all the graphical settings and running it in windowed mode?

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I did turn down the graphics, however I didn't try windowed mode. I will give that a shot. Thanks!

Cool, let me know how it goes. I only had my PC to test it on so it was tough knowing where to set things.

This looks so nice and the (first?) hot spring scene is amazing. I don't manage to do the jump with the duck though? After jumping on the right stone I don't get to the top without touching the spikes. I assume this is not optional.

Yeah it is probably the most difficult part of the game and is required to get to the end. Here's a walkthrough video timestamped to the platforming part if you want to see how I did it (or if you'd rather just watch the end instead): https://youtu.be/nAwMHm0XruI?t=379