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Submission for the Bruised Egos Game Jam, starring Izil the owl pirate. Izil and the Winds of Change is a third-person action-adventure game in which you explore tropical islands in search of Izil's lost captain, both on foot and in command of a ship.

Known Issues:

  • Player is able to exit control of the ship during certain events (race, boss fight) when they shouldn't be able to.
  • Zorglobe attack animations not playing correctly (or at all) during boss fight.
  • [Fixed v1.1] Game soft locks if you press E/Square while controlling the ship and are unprompted to do so.
  • [Fixed v1.1] DO NOT USE 'EPIC' OR 'CINEMATIC' GRAPHICS SETTINGS! It currently causes issues with the game's cutscenes and depth of field, resulting in some shots being extremely blurry. The game should default to the 'High' setting, so it's best to just leave it at that.
  • [Fixed v1.1] The "Controls" section of the settings menu is partially incorrect and includes some functions that are not in this game (and omits others that are). The on-screen controls displayed while in-game are accurate, though.
  • [Fixed v1.1] Misspelled Schippie Dues. The shame I feel for that is truly immense, I'm sorry.
  • [Fixed v1.1] The stone tower on the middle island might not actually be climbable.

I just uploaded a version (v1.1) that fixes these issues, mostly because I didn't want such an easy soft-lock in there. But since it's after the deadline, I'm leaving the original up for now in case you would prefer to make your judgment based on that version.

Sound design and bug testing were the last two things I was able to do (and not fully), so I apologize if neither of those are quite finished. The sound design definitely isn't done. As far as bugs, I think I got a lot of the big ones, but I'm sure there's still a lot of ways it can break.

Note (Kyle Bosman): I have the licenses for the music in the game, which includes both games and streaming video. I don't think it would cause a problem if streamed, but I wanted to let you know in case you're not comfortable with that. Especially since it's your channel and you know better than me in that regard.

And finally, to anyone who plays this, even if you don't like it, thank you! I truly appreciate people spending even just a little bit of their time with something I made. 


All of the game's logic was written by myself via Unreal Engine 4's visual scripting language. Assets were a mixture of completely original, pre-made, and some that were a combination of the two.

For instance, all of the characters (Izil, Schippie, Zorglobe, Captain, and Chicken) were made from beginning to end by me (outside of the original concept design for Schippie and Izil).

Things like environmental assets (foliage, water, landscape textures, some props, particle effects, etc) were mostly pre-made from various asset packs (listed below). Most of these were also freely provided by Epic, and some were previously purchased. However, things in these categories I made myself were the item chest, message sign, boost pad, collectible ring, event start/end trigger, bullet hell attack, shockwave attack, small rock wall, and the mama juice can. 

Then some things were a combination of the two like the ship. The base geometry itself was from an asset pack, but I made the materials and animations.

Sounds effects and music were all acquired from external sources. The UI was done by myself. If you have any specific questions about any of this, please let me know.

Unreal Marketplace:

  • Advanced Magic FX 12 - Kakky (Material)
  • Advanced Magic FX 13 - Kakky (Particle Effect)
  • Advanced Cel Shader - Skull - (Meshes/Textures)
  • Cartoon Water Shader - Sandvector Studio (Meshes/Textures/Materials)
  • Fantasy Medieval Master - J.BoB Sound Studio (Sound Effects)
  • Footsteps Sounds - Bartosz Kamol Kaminski (Sound Effects)
  • Hand Painted Textures Starter Kit - LowlyPoly (Textures)
  • Infinity Blade: Effects - Epic Games (Particle Effect)
  • Medieval Docks - Poly Pixel (Mesh)
  • Paragon: Phase - Epic Games (Sound Effects)
  • SDF Robo Progress Bars - Krystian Komisarek (Materials)
  • Speed Lines - fBlah (Material)
  • Teleportation and Portal - HighRender (Particle Effects/Materials/Textures)
  • Ultimate SFX Bundle - Sidearm Studios (Sound Effects)


  • Cartoon Carrot - Nestop (Mesh/Texture)

YouTube Audio Library:

  • Water Splashes - Google (Sound Effects)


  • Do It Today - Stoney Waters (Music)
  • Festa Brasil  - Harpo Marks (Music)
  • Festa Junia  - Harpo Marks (Music)
  • Rio Sunset - Harpo Marks (Music)


IzilWindsOfChange.zip 259 MB
IzilWindsOfChange-v1.1.zip 259 MB

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